Welcome to Irrenhouse to all of our patients who ring the funny farm. Our Psychologists cure you with heavy bass and dazing lightshow. Don´t trust the medication. Faith the music.


Electronica transforms your hometown to an electronic music club-night with an international Line-Up of House & Techno DJs and an extraordinary lightshow. Rotate with our shuttle buses between the different locations und faith the sound you love.




Lab-Grade is a growing scene which rather resembles a movement with maximum sound presence. This movement connects, creates unforgettable moments and welcomes anyone who is willing to be guided by us into the world of Techno.

At every event, we invite artists from around the world who are firmly rooted in the scene and who draw on a technoid repertoire that has no equal.


Tirelessly, we are working on a steady expansion of our light show to offer our #labfamily an extraordinary audiovisual experience.

All in all, Lab Grade perfect synchronicity of light and sound, which only serves one purpose: the fulfillment of the aspirations that any Raver in Fulda had to date.


And we believe that Techno is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in Techno, and Techno in them.





NΛST¥. New. Dirty. Turn Up. represents a young, fresh sounds of Hip Hop and tries to share its love for Hip Hop music . If you share our passion, we most urgently recommend to visit one of our club events to get the full experience of what Nasty stands for. Join us on one of our Nasty Trips!















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